First-Year Member Application

If you are interested in joining the Mustang Band, completing a band application is your first step.

Mustang Band instrumentation includes piccolos, saxophones, trumpets, marching horns, baritones, trombones, tubas, and percussion. All drum line members march, including snares, tonal basses, marching toms and cymbals. Mustang Band instruments are matched and provided to the student without charge, other than liability from excessive damage.

Auditions are not necessary for membership in the band, but are required in order to be awarded a scholarship. Auditions may be completed in person or by video. On-campus audition dates should be arranged by contacting Tommy Tucker at (214) 768-3235. Recorded auditions should include a chromatic scale and a solo or etude (jazz improvisation is acceptable). Don't be afraid to show off! (Drummers do not need to supply a chromatic scale.)

There is no official deadline for Band Applications, and auditions may be scheduled at any time (by mutual agreement). However, there is a limited supply of scholarship money available, so earlier appointments are optimal.